Street Fighting C.S.F.O.


The course consists in a training in street techniques and as in Street Fighting program for civilians, it is composed by 3 modules. Basic techniques do not change and situations as well as the setting up of the program remain unchanged as those for civilians. The only one, substantial difference, is to have a very high difficulty level already since the first module and to integrate different purposes compared to a common citizen. This kind of work is preparatory to a better fitting in any situation where escaping is not possible!

                                                                                                                                                              ATTENTION! Only the head instructor and Street Fighting Instructors who have reached a 2nd degree at least, can give lessons in C.S.F.O. program dedicated to Police Forces.

Training Program

– Warm-up and main breathings

– Stances, blocks and basic movements with analysis of distance

– Energy drills to develop sensibility

– Hand and leg techniques (both used in defence and attack)

– Elbow and knee techniques (both used in defence and attack)

– Knife, stick, hand stick and stelescopic stick techniques (study of angles of attack with disarmaments and immobilizations)

– Handcuffing techniques and displacement of the opponent (immobilizations and use of body’s pressure points)

– Perception techniques as regards combat and defence from multiple attack