Street Fighting System

sfStreet Fighting System

The course is dedicated to people who love “street” self-defence and do not have much time to spend in training. In contrast to other training courses, more articulated, this one reveals to be extremely fast to be learned and effective thanks to its techniques and principles, although it keeps a simple basic structure.

Within this system are present mainly Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s martial art) and Kali (martial art from the Philippines) elements. In addition to defence techniques against kicks and punches, there are knife disarmaments and immobilizations.

During the course, besides purely technical aspects, it is undertaken a path to interior growth with the student, in order to train individuals conscious of their skills, mature and responsible.

Currently the course is composed by three modules; at the end of theese, an attendance certificate is given.


– Warm up and main breathing techniques

– Stances, blocks and basic movements with analysis of distance

– Energy drills to develop sensibility

– Hand and leg techniques (both used in defence and attack)

– Elbow and knee techniques (both used in defence and attack)

– Knife and stick techniques (study of angles of attack with disarmaments and immobilizations)

– Sparring techniques (attacks, counter-attacks, grabs, immobilizations and grappling with armbars and sweeps )

– Study of techniques used in real situations

– Perception techniques as regards combat